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Stephen A. Douglas was a noted speech writer throughout his political career. In this section of the site you will find scans of his speeches from the original papers that were distributed in Congress. We are working on adding text versions of the speeches at this time.

In Reply to Mr. Seward and Mr. Trumbull (1860) 

Let the People Rule - Concord, New Hampshire (July 31, 1860)

Invasion of the States (January 23, 1860) 

Letter of Judge Douglas (September 16, 1859)
This letter was written in reply to a speech by Dr. William Gwin and after Douglas's removal from his position as chairman of the Committee on Territories.

Speech to the United States Senate on Kansas Territorial Affairs (March 20, 1860)

Letter of Douglas Concerning the Nebraska Bill (1854)

Senator Douglas's Response to the President (December 9, 1857)